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Last Week’s Memoir: Experience the B-Sides

Art by Paul Rios


We interrupt your regularly scheduled stories for this brief message.

B-Sides. You remember those, don’t you?

Back in the olden days when music was experienced through vibrations emitted from slabs of plastic. The joy of a fresh 45. You’ve just spun the hit song, but low and behold, a gift. You flip the record and prepare yourself for the leftovers, the ephemera, the sweat wiped from the back of the rutting beast known as creativity.

Just like your favorite musicians, the crew here at Last Week’s Memoir have a lot of leftovers. These doodles, ideas and fragments of dreams that didn’t quite fit within the scope of Last Week’s Memoir needed a home. So we created one. Last Week’s Memoir: The B-Sides.

We’ll be posting all sorts of odds and ends here in the coming weeks, months, days. Be sure to check it out frequently, because there’s no saying what might turn up.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


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