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Last Week’s Mustache: Day 1

Art by Paul Rios


“What’s the deal with November?”  you ask (hopefully in your best Jerry Seinfeld impression).  Well, for many moons now, the eleventh month is the time of the year in which bands of men join forces to raise awareness and combat prostate and testicular cancer.  Sounds amazing, right?  It gets better.  Every member of this do-good crew also grows a mustache for the entire 30-day period as a show of solidarity (and the most dashing of conversation starters).

Last Week’s Memoir didn’t want to be left out, so we’ve signed up and are readying some flavor savors of our own.  To keep within the LWM theme, however, we will be posting the progression of our lip fur every week in November in the form of sketches and stream-of-conscious writing.  Whatever inspiration our crumb catchers drum up will end up on the (web)page.

You can also help out by joining our official Movember team or donating to this globally recognized cause.*

Don’t forget to check in with LWM every week to see if our molestaches grow into Nick Offerman-esque manliness.  You can also follow us for additional updates on Twitter and Facebook.

* In 2012, over 209,000 Movember members raised $21 million in the United States alone. –


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