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  • Bryce McEfee

Suicide and the Samurai

Art by Paul Rios


Many bloody seasons passed, always victorious.  This path I traveled over and over again, breathing honor with every step.  I will soon meet a new path not familiar, defeat.  I am surrounded.

High tide washes out

Low tide catches life off guard

Trapped on unseen ground

My warriors, my kin are dwindling fast.  Shortly my enemy will sweep over me.  For my family, for my lord, I cannot bring shame to their names. I look within to Bushido for guidance.  Self-sacrifice is the only honorable choice.

Tree petals shrivel

Destined to produce no fruit

Shamed tree wanes away

I do not fear death; I have been prepared for death since the day I took up my sword as a samurai warrior.  I won’t kneel to my enemy.  It is my duty.  My dagger that has seen life flow from my enemies must now see the flow from me.  Seppuku is the admirable way.

Free soul starts anew

Red river nourishes land

Honor is in death


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