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  • Gered Brown

Cries of the Ancient Mariner, Pt. 2

Art by Paul Rios


Left to circumstance and nothing better to do, the rain pours out side

Without asking for help, direction or even permission

Lights blink on and off, winking at the night time sky and all who observe

I’m sorry that it took so long to get out here

I can’t stand to be without you, the rain sighs

So sleep now my child, the our drops make everything right again

Once again the captain of the sunken ship stirs in his damp, cold grave

His sockets are emptied but he continues to flashback to the horror

Torrents of wind, waves, crashes screams, chaos, despair, regret, loss, despair, death, regret, sorrow, loss, despair, grief, loss, regret…..

The rain is his only visitor

It touches him and takes a part of him back to the sea

He hates this cycle, because he knows he will never see his enemy, but it is eternally beckoning him back

Why I couldn’t go with them? Why was I the only one?

Why was fate so ruthless and cruel to allow me to die in this bleak cabin of rot and famine?

Questions left unanswered, the captain lies, and decomposes

Tormented continually until there is no end

As time goes by, gravity sinks his corpse into the hungry swallowing earth

The rain comes by to lick his wounds

It acts as tears upon his eyeless skull and carries him back

To the place which he can never forget

His true resting place at the sea

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