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  • Bryce McEfee

Sidewalk Hustlers

Art by Paul Rios


The other day I was pulling into my driveway when I glanced up and staring at me from two houses down were miniature versions of Captain Jack Sparrow and Disco Stu. They were just milling around the front yard of their house, by where the grass meets the street, looked like they were hustling something. I’m not quite sure what…lemonade, art, swashbuckling or dance lessons…perhaps they were assassins for hire.

So I get all the way in my driveway, get out of my car and shoot them another quick glance before I start walking to my front door and those bastards were still staring at me. They were glaring at me like I had some sort of problem as to why I wasn’t going over to see what they could do for me. I must admit that my curiosity was high on what goods these fine gentlemen were slinging, but my better judgment kicked in and told me to shy away from these two unlikely characters and go inside where they couldn’t get to me. Was this the wise move? I like to think so. After all…I’m still breathing.


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