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Negative Space

Art by Paul Rios


Entered the room from the balcony

light pirouettes on the wall

from the flame of a candle

burning in the corner

passive voices break even

in the corner

in the corner below

a stable of doves

rage against the bars

but the light does not pirouette

this is the way we speak

to convince liars of truth

no one understands

a word you say because you

slur your words

but it sounds good when you say

the things you often say

I dress you up in robes

and turn my camera on

in the kitchen, water boils over

splatters on the stove

toasted watermarks on the lino

cut in shapes like diamond skin

hope reigns in this

jagged to the touch

cold to the taste slow beat

I promise not to leave you

but the burden is mine

as the outline of your breasts

rises in the door frame

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