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  • Bryce McEfee

Last Week’s Memoir #7

Art by Paul Rios

Editor’s Note: The Last Week’s Memoir series is a collaborative story written by Jake Corbin, Bryce McEfee and Paul Rios. View previous LWM Serial No.1 entries to read the story from the beginning.


The aroma of freshly brewed coffee hit Andy’s nose like smelling salts. He opened his eyes. Andy had enough sense to realize he was standing, but where, his mind still couldn’t grasp. He looked down. Andy had his finger pressed against a button, the sound of coffee continuously splashing over the rim of a Styrofoam cup, making a rush of brown spill down the side of a counter and pond around his feet. Confused, Andy turned his head to see the room around him, his finger still pressed against the button. It was a stale room. Once fresh white walls had more of an off-white stained finish, there were a few motivational posters hung in a haphazard fashion, a couple bleak square metal tables with an uneven amount of chairs, and an old fashioned run down pull lever recliner couch. Andy knew this room. This was his work break room.

“Fiscus, get in here.”

Andy’s boss’s voice yanked his head in the other direction. Andy pinched his neck. The sharp pain under his right ear alerted him he wasn’t dreaming. He was at work, but how? His mind rushed, vaguely remembering his delivery with Larry. He couldn’t remember after they walked into the office.

“Fiscus. I said get in here. I don’t have all day!” All day, for some reason that rung in Andy’s ears. All day. All day. All day. What day was it? Still in deep thought, Andy removed his finger from the button and followed the now river of brown toward his boss’s office.

“Fiscus what the hell is wrong with you?” Andy melted back into his thoughts, not feeling a word of the new asshole his boss was ripping him except for the very last tear: “…Larry and Rolu have been waiting for you to load their truck. They are running way behind because of you. Now get on it.”

Rolu? Wasn’t Rolu out of commission Andy thought to himself.

“So Rolu is working today? You don’t need me to go with Larry like yesterday?”

“Yesterday? Yesterday was Sunday you idiot. Nobody was working. Now get the hell out of my office!”

Andy hovered out of his boss’s office. He wasn’t in his own body, he was beside himself. Yesterday wasn’t Sunday, it was Monday and he went on a delivery with Larry. He was sure of it.


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